Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 65

INTERNET OF THINGS from lifestyle to retirement, any estate requires a Proper management of your project is often the firm hold on access control and management. An key success factor of an estate’s FTTH network. FTTH deployment is fully capable of dealing with Make sure that your provider employs experienced, the requirements of most access control systems accredited project management. on the market today. If done properly, an estate FTTH deployment can supply a number of other services that make the management of an estate easier. Whether it be public Wi-Fi, advertising boards, Pay TV signal distribution, utilities management or simpler communication to estate residents, a FTTH single network deployment provides the underlying infrastructure on which the solutions are built. Years of deployment of FTTH networks in estates are advantageous – all those who are involved learn continuously, and here are some aspects that estate managers can contemplate. At the core of a solution is the estate management who need to appreciate that no two estates and their requirements are ever the same. Make sure that you carefully communicate your requirements to your provider by conveying the collective thinking of the estate’s governing body. Few things can delay project timelines, but changing the estate’s requirements while implementation is under way is definitely one. After-sales support is crucial. Your provider must be capable of fully supporting your FTTH network. A proper site survey prior to a network being built benefits solution costs and fluid project timing. Of all the physical elements in the FTTH network, a functional entry sleeve from the street boundary to the dwelling is often the most challenging. Always make sure that you communicate any relevant information you may have to your provider, and ask your provider to communicate specifications to your residents at the start of your estate’s FTTH project. FTTH is becoming a true salient feature for estates and is widely seen as the next evolution in the extraordinary world of estate management. Make sure that your estate becomes one of the leading FTTH-enabled communities. Engage with leading industry providers that specialise in estate- specific customised solutions and discuss your requirements with an eye to a potential solution. PEZULA PRIVATE ESTATE HELDERBERG VILLAGE PAGE 63