Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 63

INTERNET OF THINGS OUBAAI GOLF RESORT themselves attractive and are learning how they can to 1Gig broadband. Even though South Africa has capitalise on the fibre in their communities. been a bit behind the rest of the world, the trend is What can fibre do for a community? The bulk of FTTH deployments have been about fast internet. However, fibre optic infrastructure is so much more than that. At this year’s ARC Conference we are certainly picking up, and we believe that South African homeowners can ask for R50 000 more if their home is future ready. taking a look at what fibre can do for a community if applied correctly. For instance, communities can use existing fibre to deploy video surveillance in their communities and, although this is a very simple example, the impact is that it can translate into reduced insurance rates if it can be demonstrated that the HOAs are attempting to safeguard their communities. We are also taking a look at smarter homes and have invited an expert in FTTH who has deployed his own fibre project in an estate to share some valuable lessons. Communities are scratching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the actual application of what the technology can do for them, and FTTH is DAINFERN certainly not just about a fast internet connection. It is imperative for communities to know how to make their areas more desirable and what else they can do with the technology. According to the FTTH Council Africa, there is a financial benefit for homeowners who have fibre optic infrastructure in their communities. Is that true? Research shows that homes that are connected with FTTH have an increased value of between $5 000 (US market) and $11 000 (Asian market). This is fairly significant if you think that you can have this increase in property value without investing a cent. THESEN ISLANDS In South Africa we are trying to educate estate agents on FTTH and reminding homeowners to inform estate agents if their home is fibre connected. A study in the USA conducted in 2014 by the FTTH Council USA found that there was a higher per capita GDP in communities where gigabit internet was available. It also found that homes sold for seven percent more if they had access SAN LAMEER PAGE 61