Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 61

CHOOSE YOUR SPEED: C-FIBRE C-FIBRE C-FIBRE C-FIBRE 10Mbps 20Mbps 50Mbps 100Mbps FROM FROM FROM FROM HOME BROADBAND R749 PM Price subject to area HOME BROADBAND R799 PM Price subject to area HOME BROADBAND R899 PM Price subject to area HOME BROADBAND R999 PM Price subject to area NO START-UP COSTS. FREE * • Installation fee • Connection fee • Wi-Fi router** PLUS 1GB LTE MOBILE DATA per month for 12 months CHECK YOUR C-FIBRE COVERAGE AT CELLC.CO.ZA/CFIBRE BUY ONLINE OR CALL 084 145. *MONTH TO MONTH CONTRACT: All Offers on C-Fibre that are in partnership with Vumatel, Frogfoot, Mitsol and Open Serve is subject to credit vetting. Monthly subscription pricing available may vary depending on the Fibre partner in your area and selected speed. .All start-up costs that are provided for free have been itemised in the terms and conditions and will be subsidised by Cell C. With the exception of the FREE 1GB LTE Mobile DATA all other start-up costs supplied free are subject to a 24 months pro-rata clawback on cancellation. All pricing provided includes VAT. For full terms and conditions visit VUMATEL, FROGFOOT, MITSOL: The following inclusive free value added services shall apply when customers sign up for the C-Fibre service: FREE Wi-FI Router with LTE failover –Valued at R1699; FREE installation – Valued from R1710 (Vumatel and Frogfoot network), R 1710 (Mitsol network on the 20Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps line speed) and R2850 (Mitsol network on the 5Mbps and 10Mbps line speed); FREE connection provided by Cell C to Vumatel and Frogfoot customers, R999 (Vumatel network), R1140 (Frogfoot network) and no connection fee applicable on Mitsol network. FREE 1GB LTE mobile data per month for 12 months – Valued at R828. FREE personalised device set up. OPEN SERVE: FREE Wi-FI Router with LTE failover –Valued at R1699. FREE Installation – Valued from R2280 inclusive of VAT. Please note that installations on the Open Serve network are limited to 8 metres. The customer will be liable for any installation over 8 metres at a rate of R182.40 per linear metre. FREE connection - Valued at R570. FREE 1GB LTE Mobile data per month for 12 months – Valued at R828. FREE Personalised Device Set-up. * **Cell C Wi-Fi Router provided may differ from advertised picture but will be of the same value and specifi cations, ensuring the router can provide the speeds advertised.