Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 58

SECURITY DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS FOR DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENTS CENTRAL TO ANY ESTATE SECURITY PRODUCT OFFERING SHOULD BE THE UNDERSTANDING THAT ESTATE SECURITY IS NOT ONLY ABOUT KEEPING THE CRIMINALS OUT, BUT ALSO ABOUT MANAGING THE BEHAVIOUR OF THOSE THAT BELONG IN THE COMMUNITY. THIS INCLUDES RESIDENTS, PERSONAL AND RECREATIONAL GUESTS, STAFF AND CONTRACTORS. assess all the various risks to which the estate may be To most estate managers, balancing the needs of the enhanced by technology. various stakeholders against a practical and effective security solution is a daunting and often thankless task and one that should never be tackled alone. Security sub-committees, comprising representatives from all stakeholder groups, should be established as early in on the development and provide a treatment plan for each of the risks – prioritising them based on the attributed risk rating. The risk treatment plan should provide options to be employed in order to mitigate, reduce or remove the risk. The residential estate security risk treatment plan should first and foremost be intelligence driven, and apply a converged blend of human resources, supported and At Enforce Security, the programme is in turn driven by rigorous ISO 9001 systems and procedures, which are underwritten by a culture of respect and operated within a centralised command and control environment. the development process as possible, so as to ensure Glenn Allen, Technology Director at Enforce Security, a balanced approach to securing the estate. Decisions explains how convergent security is the integration of made by this sub-committee can have a significant new technology and physical manpower, and should impact on the future safety (and investment value) of be standard practice for its benefits. the estate and should therefore be informed by fact, not conjecture or emotion. In either event, and in either a development or existing estate, a professional security consulting service will assist the security sub-committee The converged security strategy is one that recognises that the role of technology is to detect security breaches and present this information to a trained and this assistance should be held in high regard. operator whose job it is to then interpret what the Often, the security question that gets posed, either at to evaluate the threat level, and decide on the course development stage or at improvement stage, is what of action based on training and standard operating do we do first? Derek Lategan, Managing Director of procedures. Enforce Security, believes the answer is simply to look at the risk management programmme. Each estate should have a security poli H]ZY\Z\X\[ۜ[QH M^Y \[]HH\]HX[Y[Y[\X[ۂXH\\[[ˈH\]܈[HXB[Y\\][[ۙH]\XY\][ܘHX\]H\[]]\[\\]\˜[\ ]Y]H\Y\\][ܚ]\\[K\H\X[[XY[[Y\\][[]X˂\Z^Z[]H\X[Y[Y[ܘ[[YH]K[Y][\Y[H[]][ۜ\XX[B[\X\H[\[[^\[۝^[[\X\]\HY[܈\H\H\BX[\]H\]\[Y[YK\ܚXH[][[HوZ\ \XH\ݚ[\Y[][\[\]ܜ