Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 54

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT THE IMPACT ZONE A SURGE OF FIRE COMPARABLE TO THE OPENING OF FLOODGATES to increase. It is therefore imperative that communities understand how to co-exist with wildfires, especially those that inhabit the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). The WUI is the transitional zone where structures, homes and other human development meet the undeveloped or rural environment, also known as the wildland. The wildland is mostly a fire-driven ecosystem, which means it wants to burn. If you live in an estate, the chances are you border on or live within the WUI. The advantage here is the serenity one feels when coming home to nature on one’s doorstep. However, that very same natural environment so many choose to live in can also become a risk when THE FORECAST WARNED THAT AN EXTREME COLD FRONT WAS TO HIT THE WESTERN CAPE THAT NIGHT. EMERGENCY SERVICES WERE PREPARING FOR STORM WATERS, BUT THE PRE-FRONTAL WIND CONDITIONS THAT PUSHED AHEAD OF THE STORM FANNED SMOULDERING EMBERS AND UNLEASHED A SURGE OF FIRE COMPARABLE TO THE OPENING OF FLOODGATES. THERE WAS SIMPLY NO STOPPING THIS CONFLAGRATION ONCE IT HAD REACHED A CERTAIN LEVEL OF INTENSITY. a wildfire is raging close by. The natural beauty we see around the homes and structures is fuel for fire, and unless it is Afromontane, it will burn. It must be noted that u