Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 5

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT It gives me great pleasure to launch the 4th annual for approval, and a key characteristic of all rules is Residential Estate Industry Journal. It is an even bigger that they are purposeful and serve the best interests pleasure to be doing so at our 5th annual conference, of the community as a whole. exposition and golf day, attended by a record 150 attendees. ARC and its members have spent a great deal of time debating various scenarios, including future potential Since the last journal, ARC has been busy with a number threats to the industry. Some of these scenarios include: of initiatives with our members, running more than 12 1. The political and economic environment and its chapter meetings and workshops for over 400 managers and directors. Top of mind has been the impact of the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act (CSOSA) and the need for residential communities to implement fair and equitable internal dispute resolution policies and procedures. The collection cycle of the CSOSA effect on investments, value of property and the ability of homeowners to meet the costs of increased levies and security 2. The environmental pressures specifically related to taking control of our own energy and water resources levy process is now in its second quarter, and we are 3. Staff turnover and succession planning and the currently dealing with a number of disputes, mainly in need to encourage the HOA to participate in nationally relation to sectional title schemes. accredited qualifications Instances of homeowners challenging the rights of an 4. The need to develop new models for the election HOA to implement rules and regulations have been of directors and trustees to ensure sustainability, on the increase and many High and Supreme Court accountability and leadership judgements have reiterated these rights. It is pleasing to note that the regulator will not intervene in a dispute bought by an applicant until such time that they are satisfied that the matter has been dealt with internally. This emphasises the imperative need for communities to develop and implement sound internal dispute resolution processes. While the rights of an HOA are clear, it remains important that HOAs continuously review their rules to ensure that they remain lawful, are properly documented and communicated, and applied consistently and fairly. It is a requirement of the Companies Act 2008 that the rules and penalties are included in the AGM agenda A detailed report is provided on page 46. The last 12 months have been eventful for ARC and our members. The use of social media including Facebook has become a channel of choice, and the new ARC website, ARC portal, estate map and forums have really helped in adding greater value for members and business partners. I close off by thanking each of you, whether a member or business partner, for your valued and unwavering support, and trust you will enjoy and get value from this publication. Jeff Gilmour