Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 43

THE FUTURE SHOULD AN ESTATE MANAGER ‘STICK TO WHAT THEY KNOW’? FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOU HAD TO REPLACE YOURSELF, WOULD IT BE IMPORTANT THAT THE NEW ESTATE MANAGER HAS WORKED IN A GOLF ESTATE BEFORE, AND WOULD YOU MOVE TO ANOTHER GOLF ESTATE? Willem Marx - Oubaai Golf Resort No! To be an estate manager is not rocket science. However, to be an extraordinary estate manager, you have to understand not only the functions within your mandate but manage expectations from any stakeholder contributing towards the wellbeing of the community. I would rather appoint an individual with fewer of the skills required as an estate manager but who understands the importance of service delivery, the value of a community and the worth of a good team to deliver on community expectations. You can have an individual with all the skills in the world but who fails to interact with the community effectively. One thing I have learned in life is never to say never. I thrive in challenging environments but I need the freedom to change the business should there be a need for it, or if it can add value to the benefit of the community. The Oubaai community is very supportive, and when I present a business case with merits, the board and members support me all the way. SUCCESSION PLANNING, DO YOU THINK ESTATES SHOULD EMPLOY FROM WITHIN? Steve van Greunen - Steyn City Parkland Residence I think it should always be the first option; however, it is imperative to employ the most suitable candidate to meet the job requirements. I strongly believe in training and developing staff to help grow their careers. By implementing solid HR practices, such as regular personal appraisals, these shortfalls or development needs can be determined. DO YOU THINK IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE WHETHER THE GM IS MALE OR FEMALE? Sarika Somai - Zimbali Coastal Resort Whilst I strongly believe South Africa in general is a long way from gender equality in the workplace, it is quite simple really – no matter what the position, it should be the best person for the job. WHAT INDUSTRY DID YOU WORK IN PRIOR TO RESIDENTIAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT, AND HOW HAS THIS ASSISTED YOU IN YOUR CURRENT POSITION? Denise Sharp - The Coves I worked for many years as a bookkeeper and administration manager, which gave me the skills to manage the budget and oversee the administration of the estate. I had my own printing company where I gained experience both in managing resources and in project management. PAGE 41