Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 42

THE FUTURE FINDING THE ONE maintenance tasks must be managed, and rules must be applied. Despite the importance of all our accountabilities, successful leaders also make their surrounding environment a fun place to work and live in. My staff makes my vision a reality, and my job is to make sure they do it efficiently. I encourage them to be a little crazy, think outside the box and try new things, and if they fail, admit the mistakes but not apologise for having tried. They must have the confidence in themselves and their abilities to learn, to grow and to get better. Estate residents comprise many individuals with unique behaviours, preferences and ideas. Never use the exact same approach to engage or confront them when connecting one on one. Focus on the individual and customise your approach. Although the same rules apply to all, it makes much more sense to know your client and communicate rules and processes so they they understand fully. However, if all else fails, don’t be scared of confrontation. Finally, never exclude individual members because they lack certain attributes. Be consistent, but not rigid to the point that you cannot change your mind. Make decisions, but easily accept input from others. Sarika Somai - Zimbali Coastal Resort Despite the obvious challenges that come with the many aspects of managing an estate of Zimbali’s magnitude, I think it’s important to keep your composure, have good time-management and to be well organised, as it can be quite overwhelming at times when there just aren’t enough hours in the day to deal with everything. A successful manager is only as good as his/her team and I am Y^H]H[Hܝ[]H[Y]HHۙX[Y[Y[X[H[۝X\XHݚY\Z[YK[\H\ HHݙ\”[H[[][X][ۈ[[؛[K\[X[]Y\ˈۙH[\]H[\]B܈\H[[ۙ\ܚ]\\H[[ۈ[ ]Y[K[HX[]B\HۙX ]H[ܙ][[ H^[]H\[\Y[BXݙHHXX[ۛYH[܈H؋[H[\HH\ۙHܚ]\[ۂ[^HY]ˈH[\]]X[\\Y[&HYYHH\[\HZ\[[\\X[][[Y\[]HHX[]HY\HۙX]X][ۜ\H\[X[ \H]\][[\HHܜXY\H[^X]HH[YH\[ۈ[]وH\]KQH