Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 31

GOVERNANCE - POPI & ARABELLA for the estate should a breach or compromise occur. Being awarded POPIA compliance certification Governance of the POPIA implementation Complying with laws and regulations is often A number of governance and management aspects, including the appointment of an information officer and deputy information officer within the HOA, were implemented, seen as a necessary evil, but compliance “The purpose of the POPI Act is to ensure can be a positive practice that results in that all South African institutions conduct benefits, provided the appropriate focus themselves in a responsible manner when is in place. collecting, processing, storing and sharing as well as a number of policies and As with any law, the steps that an notices that provided much of the evidence organisation takes to comply are often of the POPIA preparation project. Risks open to interpretation. In the case of relating to personal information were also POPIA, organisations are expected to apply identified and included in the estate’s risk appropriate and reasonable organisational management processes. The HOA team and technical measures as stated in the were also trained in the various aspects of security safeguards condition in the Act and the Act to ensure that they fully understood apply these as a guiding principle. the implications of the legislation when handling personal information. Benefits of the POPIA project The key benefits of the project are to ensure that appropriate and reasonable measures for protecting personal information are implemented, and in the event of a legal claim arising, that they will be able to demonstrate due care with regard to POPIA compliance. It is hoped that this will result in greater leniency should penalties be imposed than would be the case if the estate had not implemented the appropriate measures. Further benefits include gaining the invaluable trust of residents and prospective homeowners as well as external stakeholders. The tools and support provided by IACT Africa have given another entity’s personal information by holding them accountable should they abuse or compromise your personal information in any way,” explains Dirk Uys, Estate Manager of Arabella Country Estate. the POPI Act. The measures included: “WE ARE VERY PLEASED TO HAVE RECEIVED OUR COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATION AND BELIEVE THIS IS JUST ANOTHER ST UDBtP2DRU5DDR$RDrD4rU"5DTDU%2pT4tRdTRDT"BU t$d5( Ю( "( "FW&BWFW&76W76VG2vRFW&R27B&VFVB66PFR&6&V6VFVB'5Bg&6BƖVBGW&rFR&V7Bv2&6V@VVFr&&FRB&V6&PV7W&W2ƖRvFFRVvB6FF0f"FRvgV&6W76rbW'6f&F2vV26FW"&V2( "( "6Ɩ6R66VF&ƗG7G'V7GW&W0( "( "V&Ɩ6Fb7B6Ɩ6P&f7F6RB&VFVBƖ6W0( "( "VFVG2FW7Fr6G&7G2@Ɩ6W2ƖRvF7B6Ɩ6P&WV&VVG2FVFf6FB&V6&Fpb&V2v6W'6f&F07F&VBB&6W76V@FR&V7B6VBfVFFv6( "( "7FVFW"G&rBVVPF'VBV&Ɩr&&VF66VW&FR6֗FVBF&FV7FrW'6VVFFB&VGV6RFV"67G2f&Fr2WBFR6vf66Rb&&V( 06Ɩ6RV7W&W2v7FBW7G&vǐFW7Bb&V6&VW72FRWfV@b6W'BV&rFRFF`FW&F&f7BFF&FV7FVv6Fv6&V6R'FB0FRvW2''F7V"FRWW&VVvVW&FF&FV7F&VwVFद6FtR#