Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 27

GOVERNANCE Aesthetics rules Environmental rules Every community establishes their own ‘theme’ in Environmental factors of community living, including respect of design, layout, materials used and colour, energy, water and waste management, are the and rules pertaining to the maintenance of the intended responsibility of all who live in South Africa, and look and feel will have a direct impact on the value focused projects and joint efforts in this regard are the of property. Further rules and regulations relating to responsibility of all who live in residential communities. building standards, stands under construction and safety It is a key responsibility of the board and management fences ensure a balance in maintaining the quality of to comply with environmental legislation regarding the lifestyle for existing residents and the need to complete removal of alien species, as well as the control of buildings according to plan. The placement of external planting and beautif 6Fbv&FV2&F&fFP7G'V7GW&W26VFr"6FFW'2FVWf6F6W2B6B6"V2WF2ffV7BFRW7FWF72bFP6VGB&R6RFV7W&RFR7W7F&ƗGb&W'GfVR6GV7B'VW0VR&RVFFVBFWV7B6W'FWfV2b&f7W6vRB6W'f6R'VW2V6RBG&VƗGvFFR6VGv6W7FFRf6ƗFW2B6&V2&Rf"FRw&W27VGW&W2B&VƖVb77FV2B'VW2&VFp6&VBW6RbV&W'2bFR&W6FVG2BFFRvVW&&VfW"b&W6FVG2VVBF6W@wVW7G2BFRW6RFW&VbVVG2F&R6G&VB֖V7FF&Bb6GV7B&VFrFW62FPFƖ֗B'W6RFRvb6W'6R&W7FW&G2FV2BW6RbWVVBB6G&bWG2WF27'G26V'2&WV&R'VW2&VFrFW6RW'2`W&FB66W76&ƗGFV7W&Rf"'GVGf FVFVfW'gFVFW6R&R66W&6W&F2vfW&VB'FV"v&VwVF2BVV@Ff&'BbFR&vG2B&W76&ƗFW2bFWƗfRFR6VG2FRWbFffW&VBvP66W6'VW2FB&Rf&VFVBV6bFR&fP6FVv&W26VBfBFRW'6RbV66FVv'V&W'2&W2ƖfW7GR2GFVB'FPGFGVFRFv&G2FRW6RbFR6&VBB6&V26VFr&2F2vƶrBvvrG&0BFRƖRऴu5tBtbU5DDP$44TTU"tbU5DDPtR#P