Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 24

PUBLIC POLICIES THESEN ISLANDS of a community association board of directors, policies that recognise and respect both the prescribed officers or committee members, in order legislative framework and the contractual to enable them to make responsible judgements obligations of community association residents without fear of personal loss interfering with the judgement or decision-making process. as the best mechanism to enact sustainable 11. Contracting with service providers and estate agent registration 15. Resident occupancy standards ARC supports the best-practice document relating occupancy standards and to apply remedies if to service providers and estate agents. ARC also supports approval fees that are fair and equitable and opposes practices removing the rights of owners to choose an agent and the rights of an agent to conduct business within the rules and regulations of the HOA but according to accepted industry norms. 12. Manager licensing and professional designations ARC encourages the national certification of community association managers and opposes environmental policies. ARC supports the HOA’s right to develop these standards are not met. 16. Communication in the association ARC supports a communication methodology that keeps all owners and residents informed on all issues, whether good or bad news. 17. Tenants in community associations ARC supports a balanced approach to the rights of tenants and landlords in community associations, while protecting real property rights. the licensing of community association managers ARC supports reasonable regulation of transient as real estate brokers, agents or property managers. occupancy, tenant compliance with association standards, and the integration of tenants into the 13. Aesthetics, architectural and building guidelines that the contractual agreement is between the community on an equal basis, while recognising HOA and the owner. ARC opposes any and all attempts at national that ignore or negate the economic importance 18. Rights and responsibilities of directors, prescribed officers and homeowners of the implementation of aesthetic controls in ARC supports a balance of the rights of the residential community industry, including architectural and building restrictions. individual owners in a community association and local levels to enact laws or regulations 14. Conservation, sustainability and the environment ARC supports environmental and energy efficiency PAGE 22 with the need for effective management of the affairs of the association for the benefit of all owners. Reasonable association procedures which empower the board of directors and staff of the community association to perform their obligations