Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 23

PUBLIC POLICIES OUBAAI GOLF RESORT 5. Debt collection practices and clearance certificates strategy for the residential community industry ARC supports effective, fair and reasonable individual communities to maintain their own collection methods according to properly strategies. established policies dealing with arrears and special levies and penalties, and opposes any government limitations on the ability of HOAs to pursue such methods. ARC also supports reasonable procedures to accommodate owners experiencing temporary financial difficulties and opposes any claim that an HOA does not have a real right to issue levy clearance certificates on all transfers of property, including forced sales. 6. Homeowners’ access to information ARC supports all owner rights to information, in accordance with the Companies Act, 2008. ARC opposes any instruction by any party to provide them with a member database of any as a whole, while respecting the right of 8. Dispute and conflict resolution ARC recognises the need for and supports the use of internal and neutral alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve disputes arising in community associations in appropriate cases. ARC opposes any legislation enforcing dispute resolution processes where an HOA has its own mechanism in place which complies with the industry policy. 9. Rule development and enforcement ARC supports legally sound, fair and equitable rule development and enforcement procedures in community associations and opposes penalties community, beyond a simple member register. that are excessive and punitive. 7. Relationships between associations and other entities 10. Protection of association volunteers and prescribed officers ARC supports an integrated approach to the branding, communications and marketing ARC supports protection against unwarranted legal liability for volunteers serving as members PAGE 21