Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 22

PUBLIC POLICIES POLICIES PROCEDURES & SUMMARY OF INDUSTRY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES home security. ARC opposes any groups Furthermore, ARC opposes laws which would challenging the rights of an HOA in regard mandate how community associations fund A full set of industry policies and procedures was published in the Residential Estate Industry Journal 2015. to how the HOA applies these standards, and and maintain reserves. encourages all communities and their security 1. Access of visitors, contractors, guests and the general public ARC supports the right of a homeowners’ service providers to implement standard 4. Risk management and insurance operating and emergency procedures in ARC supports the implementation and the community. ARC opposes the use of maintenance of an effective risk management unregistered security providers. programme by all member communities. ARC believes that an effective risk management programme can best be achieved if community, whether roads are deemed to be 3. Financial controls, budgets and reserves private or public. ARC opposes access controls ARC believes it is imperative for all community that are in conflict with the constitutional associations to adopt and use a financial rights of citizens, and encourages the use planning and budgeting process which of proper signage and other means to accurately reflects projected annual operating ARC also believes that a comprehensive advise all visitors of their obligations while in costs and long-term capital or major association insurance programme must the community. expenses (reserves) and results in a balanced focus on meeting a broad range of legal budget. AR [Y]\]H][\[\]Z\[Y[[HXۚ\[]BX\]H[\\][œY\\[[Y\[HY\\H\[\\H[\HHݙ\[\\H8'\Yx'HوB[]X[Y][\HX\]H\[X][ۈۙ\[[\[HX]\ˈ\ܘ[[YBT\ܝH[\[Y[][ۈوHوڙXY\][[\\\ˈ X][Hۛۈ\\X[Y[Y[[\X][ۈ JH۝X\B\X][ۜ[Z\ݙ\[\ܚ]Xۚ\Y[][]H\X][ۂٙ\[ۘ[˂[\[JH\]Z\\]\وH[BY\XHX\]H[\][Y]\HۜZ[[\ܝHT[\ܝ[[[\\H][X]Y[][[܈Xœ[\H]Y[ۙ\][][ۙ\[Hܝ[]H܈\X\][ۈ ]\H[Y\X[܈[Z[\[JB[][]Y\\H\ۜXH܈Z\ۈHۙ\[H][Y[وHY] H[H[[\Y QH