Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 17

RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY REVIEWS inventory and promoting more effectively. might show that a completely different set Joking aside, external resources, inputs and Align these to a critical evaluation of of objectives needs to be set. The problem experience can play a key role in getting operating processes and proper financial that we have, as you alluded to at the a clear, unencumbered and fresh view of management, and changes can be effected outset of our discussion and in other what the problems actually are and a new almost immediately. However, these must be articles, is that the majority of our staff perspective on how to tackle them. Golf balanced with both mid and long term goals capability and skills sets are custodial and estates also need to break down the old across a range of areas where immediate so not only do we have to upskill or rewire barriers that seem to isolate us and be results are largely not possible. our staff and management capabilities, but prepared to share common challenges, the journey to reach our mid- and long-term problems, successes and failures we may goals will not be an overnight process. The have had, in order to develop a communal good news is that we can work on the pool of expertise and information. John: I have found that many clubs don’t understand their members’ needs, nor what they want. In a recent discussion with a facility wanting to get to five-star levels, I pointed out that a coffee shop doesn’t bigger goals and changes to our skills sets and attitudes at the same time. John: This has been an eclectic discussion, and outside of the generic challenges, every have a doorman and courtesy car, so that John: Yet if we haven’t got staff wired to be estate has its own specific hurdles, so in it might be that these elements are not effective in this type of environment, then terms of the broader picture, can you share relevant to the customer and the inputs where will the skills come from? one thought for the best way forward in required to get to these levels will not achieve either the ROI or the anticipated customer satisfaction. I suggested that profiling the members and guests would be a better way of assessing what goals should be set. Are these things within the grasp of every estate golf facility, and is it true that there is no gain without pain? Francois: These can be achieved by every estate and club, and I really believe that the pain levels can be managed. I totally agree that business intelligence is essential to making any informed decision. Just because I might feel that a red carpet and a doorman are necessary, an evaluation of the needs of the club’s members and guests a macro sense? WE MAKE GREAT EFFORTS TO BUILD A SENSE OF COMMUNITY WITHIN OUR OWN ESTATES Francois: Experienced consultants like you are an excellent route to take, especially when things work out and we can take all the credit for the achievement. If they don’t, then we can blame the consultant! Francois: We make great efforts to build a sense of community within our own estates, so I would like to see this process extended into our dealings with each other as individual estates. We are associated through ARC, but in real terms we very often remain isolated from each other. In doing this, we fail to share with each other and so can end up groping about in the proverbial dark, when through effective and ongoing communications we could shine a collective light onto common problems and issues and share potential solutions. PAGE 15