Residential Estate Industry Journal 4 - Page 16

RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY REVIEWS PECANWOOD LEADS THE WAY SOME WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE THAT THE front, and there are real efforts being made opportunities and then adopt the required WINDS OF CHANGE ARE BLOWING THROUGH across the board to bring the game up to actions and ensure that any attendant risk GOLF. date and relevant, accessible and so on, is mitigated as far as possible. John Cockayne of Estate Living in discussion with Francois Schoeman – CEO of Pecanwood Estate HOA. albeit that some of the supposed standard bearers in this march forward make Rip van Winkle look like an insomniac. John: This need would apply to all areas of an estate’s interests, and in all of this, can I smell a ‘RET’? This would not be In parallel, there is also the need to revise the same RET portentously announced by the way that club committees, boards and the country’s leading (at least currently) golf estate HOAs deal with the process of political party in an increasingly large bowl changing the way facilities are managed. of alphabet soup, but one where the initials I asked Francois if it would it be fair to stand for Radical Estate Transformation. say that the days of genteel, custodial Are there any guns (or carrots!) that need stewardship are officially over. to be wielded? donkey being beaten with a carrot?) by Francois: Definitely! There are no longer queues Francois: No weapons please – this will just The Royal and Ancient’s veiled threat to around the block to play or join most clubs, frighten everyone, so the process must be remove Muirfield from the roster of Open as most have membership vacancies and inclusive, with everyone understanding the Championship venues. struggle to fill the competition fields. A new needs and outcomes. The first step must be attitude and new breed of management is to recognise that there is a need to change needed to face this new trading environment, and therefore an equal need to modify the one that can combine the prudent and existing management and thinking patterns. custodial needs of any business process with If anything, I would want to see the carrot innovative and entrepreneurial flair and the at the front! Muirfield’s decision to drag itself into the 21st century by allowing women to become members of the club, a mere 270 or so years after it was founded, was only achieved after a positive outcome to the voting process was encouraged (could this be the first recorded case of the Sadly, this moment in most other sports would hardly raise enough air to ruffle the pages of a Sunday newspaper on most golf clubs’ terraces, and for history buffs there is the added irony in the fact that the R and A, which was holding the proverbial gun to Muirfield’s head, has been guilty of some heel dragging of its own. As recently willingness to take the chances necessary to effect the changes that will secure the game’s future. John: We live in a world of instant gratification and everyone wants quick wins and immediate results – are these as the first decade of the new millennium, John: All well and good, but we are risk achievable and what are the potential the R and A clubhouse had a sign outside averse to some degree, so how much risk downsides? on which it was stated that the facility was is involved? out of bounds to dogs and women! Francois: This is a big question, but also Francois: No legitimate business environment a perfectly fair one. Yes, there are quick Nonetheless, it is true that we should only is risk free, so the task for management wins to be had for golf, such as creatively measure progress by following those in must be to evaluate the needs and packaging up and selling distressed rounds’ PAGE 14