Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 74

INDUSTRY FOCUS PAGE 72 Pearl Valley Golf & Country Estate the image of a number plate and “recognise” made available to the resident needs to systems exist that cater for this need to the number. The number can then be used be quick and intuitive. It also needs to manage contractor performance better. to establish the identity of the driver, or at accommodate the fact that people are There are companies that monitor contractor least detect forged identities. often technophobes, reluctant to embrace service performance levels. complicated technologies. By using licence disc scanners combined with Once visitors enter an estate, we need to correctly applied CCTV equipment, we can It is therefore important to provide systems be sure that they are where they are meant dramatically reduce the number of criminals that allow residents to use technologies to be. We cannot allow people to wander with the resources to breach our defences. It that they are familiar with. The good news around the estate at will. is essential to give security officers effective is that most people are comfortable with training in the use of this equipment. smartphones and able to use applications Geolocation is the identification of the actual designed for them. geographic location of an object such as a Using the various technologies in combination mobile phone or Internet-connected computer and maintaining a system that presents the The resident is the final filter in the access terminal. This technology helps ensure that information gathered to an access controller control process. The responsibility for contractors are where they are supposed to in an organised fashion, we are able to giving an individual access should lie with be all of the time. greatly limit the possibility of criminals the resident, so it is important to give the entering our space. resident as much help as possible to make As GPS technology is expensive, not intelligent decisions. SMS-based access everybody can afford it, but there are other However, criminal syndicates are not all equal. control systems are very effective in this technologies, such as QR codes, that can Most are not equipped to evade detection by regard. help keep track of individuals cost-effectively. TIME, ATTENDANCE AND GEOLOCATION BOTTOM LINE We need to know when contractors and changing field. As systems become more other visitors arrive, when they leave and, sophisticated, so do the criminals, so it’s if possible, what their movements are while important to keep abreast of the latest inside. trends. And Workforce Management are the systems in the combination described above, but some are very sophisticated indeed and may be able to pass the identity verification phase at the access point – with the best security systems utilised optimally. So the final and crucial part of the security process is to provide technology that allows the resident to make the final decision as to whether a visitor should be allowed or denied access. Taking into account that most visitors to an estate are legitimate, and also recognising the average visitor’s intolerance of clumsy or slow access control, the technology Security is a dynamic and constantly experts in evaluating the security needs of Security and other contracted services are estates, and designing programmes that expensi ٔ%Ё́хЁѼЁѡ()ѡمɥ́ѕ́م()Ёѡ͔͕٥̰Ё́ɑѼ()ѼɽՍѡͽѥЁեѕѼѡ()ɕ䁽Ʌѽ́ѼՅɅѕѡЁѡ()ѥձȁхє()啕́ɔəɵѼѡ)хɐQɅѥՅɐѽɥ()مȁ]ѡե镸()ѕ́ЁٕݕݥѠѡ()ܹݙ̹()Ё͕٥ٕ丁չѕ䁹((0