Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 70

INDUSTRY FOCUS PAGE 68 sales & marketing Communication drives sales The residential community industry is enjoying year-on-year growth. The demand for a better-quality, family-centred lifestyle is driving the market and steering more and more individuals to invest in property in residential estates. Furthermore, foreign investors are now, more than ever, flocking to South African shores, and the communities in the existing environments are seeking opportunities presence intensifies. A development’s brand insightful content curators. You need industry is its mark of distinction, which helps set it specialists who work the market every day. apart from other developments of a similar You want a team that’s been to your site, nature, and holds out to the residents the had drinks in your clubhouse, played golf promise of superior property values and on your course and, most of all, has got to investment potential. know your community and others similar to it. For a new development, you want a team A credible brand combined with a successful that understands what it takes to launch a communication strategy is essential for new brand. maintaining a strong and lasting presence, attracting investors who will be quick to You should ensure that all content starts with compensate for a weakening Rand. purchase, encouraging third-party suppliers credibility and association. You need to be to offer their best services, and retaining showcased as a visionary, so it’s imperative Current statistics show boundries of 6 500- plus satisfied residents. to outline your vision. Detail your plans to to capitalise on their existing assets to residential communities in the country and solid growth of 15% in development and construction of residential communities on an annual basis. make the vision a reality and discuss the You’ve heard that “content is king”. By solutions to real-time problems. harnessing technology, the World Wide Web, social media, search engine optimisation The communication strategy you follow and relevant linking – all necessary to should be holistic, incorporating print, digital, strategy is imperative. communicating an experience powerfully – online, social and networking media platforms your content will gain grip and relevance for best results. Your message is the silver The increase in new and competing and achieve mileage previously unimagined. thread that pulls it all together – and don’t Competition in the market is healthy but fierce, so a solid brand communication and sales developments is of particular interest to developers and estate management. Property prices are, to an extent, based on the service offering: state-of-the-art security, recreational facilities and a private on-site school facility usually make an estate more sought-after than one that doesn’t offer all of these amenities, and property prices reflect this. However, most estates these days are made up of underestimate the power of your images. Your message, your creation, your campaign can now live on forever. You’ve created, not a Estate Living is the industry expert that Frankenstein’s monster, but a kind of miracle offers unique content creation and ensures – a concept and environment that are both the strategic distribution of that content. wonderful and daunting in their near-immortality. It’s a platform that fills a niche and plays This extends further than the last day of an indispensable role in marrying aspects the last sale. Today’s news is no longer of branding, marketing, networks and tomorrow’s fish-and-chip wrapping. communication between the market and potential investors, which ultimately drives very similar facilities, with a sound security sales. system being a prerequisite, and as a result The longevity of content now also encourages property prices are determined increasingly quality of workmanship and credibility, and by location, demand and investment potential. provides a long-term resource to tap for As the conduit that brings together various information, a kind of a guarantee at the relevant messages, all with the core promotional beginning of any investment. theme of driving the community and driving How a development brands itself and sales. Whatever you are promoting you need communicates to the consumer is a vital component of that developments perceived To create the most beneficial content, you to do so in a manner that is reflective of your value. Brand management and communication need to go to the experts. Not just frilly community and withi ́٥ɽ()ɔمՅ́ѡѱȁɭ()ݽɑ͵ѡ̰ЁɅѡȁɥ(+Lɕахɝѕ((0