Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 67

INDUSTRY FOCUS to regularly revisit the strategy and adapt it to PAGE 65 a number of factors, including, but not limited ensure that it remains relevant to the target to, affordability, location, security and lifestyle. market. Considering these criteria, developers and Monitor your objectives: Measure the success of the strategy against set objectives and be prepared to change course if goals are not being met. “The brand is an asset of your business and should be synonymous with it, and visible and integrated in everything you do, be it an estate logo, an advertising jingle or product development. Ensure that these all adhere to your set brand values. “Value escalates when there is recognition involved. However, one also needs to be aware that a product’s reputation can be negatively affected by external factors. Constant monitoring by the board and management should address the situation if and when it arises.” Sales and marketing have evolved rapidly since the introduction of social media and the development of the latest technology used in advertising and communications. “The core components of marketing’s pushpull factor of below-the-line and above-the-line strategies still remain the same,” Collett adds. “The dissemination of information and marketing messages just happens a lot faster and is communicated to a much wider interactive field than before.” Purchasing a property remains one of the most significant financial commitments that a family will make. As a consequence, buyers generally spend a substantial amount of time on research aimed at finding an offering that will suit their specific needs. Their choice will be based on HOAs should position t ȁɽՍЁɑ)ѡɽ՝ͥѥٔɅɕɍа)ѡ͕ٕ́ͥѥѼѼѡ)ѡхɝЁɭи)хє́ɔݡɔѡɅͽ)х̸9́ѕՑ͍ɥѽ́ѡ)Ѽɕєѡɍѥѡˊe)ݡЁѼиQ͔)Ё́ѕɵ́Ս̃q٥ϊtqt+q屗tqϊtqхїtȁݽɑ)ɕɕѡ͕ͽ́ѽɅ䰁Ѽ)ЁܰɥєѼ٥͕ͥɔ)٥ɽЁѡЁ́ݽѡ)ѕɴٕѵЁݥѠɽ͔)ɥЁɔЁЁȁѡ̰Ёͥ)ѡȁɥѽ) ѠɥѡٕЁ͔)ѡхє́хٕ́͡!=)͡ձɕձ䁍ͥȁɅͽѥ̸)Q͔ͽѥ́ձٕѡɽ՝)ՉɅѽ́ȁ͕٥ɽ٥́䁡ٔ)ѡȁͥѥٔȁѥٔЁѡɔ)ɅͽѥݥѠѡɥЁѹ́ձ)ٔɅѥЁѡمՔѡɅ) ɥѥѼѡՍ́䁕хєٕ́ɥ)ѡɽ͔9ЁЁѥххѥ̰)ЁɅѡȁፕѡݥɕձЁ݅ٔ)ͥѥ͕ٔѥЁɽɕ̰ͥݡݥ)݅䁥ɕɍѡɅ) )ܹхє((0