Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 65

INDUSTRY FOCUS PAGE 63 from the obvious factors such as price and to carry a price tag of at least R 100 000 and fitness for purpose, two integral points in any probably more than R 500 000. The upfront industry’s mobile app strategy are boosting development cost is not all, though. The total awareness and keeping your audience engaged. cost of ownership of the application to the entire community includes the costs to members #1: Fitness for purpose and usage: With (subscription fees) and operational costs as any management system, fitness for purpose well. Research has shown that 82% of users is one of the most important considerations. are price-sensitive when asked to download an You need to understand what purpose the new app, and that three out of four people expect technology (an app in this case) is intended to apps to be free. To ensure good member uptake serve and then make sure it can do that, or and usage, we do not recommend charging the at least most of it, and also has the potential members for downloading or using the app. to grow with your needs. #4: App discovery and installation: Apps are Research shows that simplifying the user’s life different from websites in that members can’t and ease of operation are two key drivers of simply search for it in Google and then start app usage. In fact, 63% of frequently used using it. The app needs to be introduced to apps have an attribute that makes the user’s members, who should then be guided to the life easier. One of the key considerations in app for installation. A decision also needs to deciding whether an app is fit for your purpose be made about what platforms the app should is determining how much value that app will be made available on (e.g. iPhone, Android), add to the community member’s life. as separate apps are required for the different mobile operating systems. #2: Integration: Once introduced, the app will have to be supported and maintained. The Regardless of the details about platforms, multiplicity of databases and systems that need introduction methods and so on, the app will to be co-ordinated is already a massive challenge have to be promoted and supported by the for community management committees, and you management committee. As with any new system, need to take care not to let the app become yet members will have to be educated and assisted another administrative burden. Making applications on the ͕́́ѡ()ЁȁЁЁ͵ѡ䁥ѕɅѕݥѠѡ)ɕЁѡչéЁѕ()ɥ=()͡ձхЁͥɅѥ()ܹٕй((AɥѽхЁݹ͡ȁѡ()Iɕ()չ ѥٕ́䁵Ս()ܹɭѥ()ѥݕͥєѡЁѡɥمɥ()ܹѡݥѡ()ɕѱ丁%Ё́ͼٕ䁑ձЁѼɔսѕ̰()ܹѡݕ()́Ё́ЁͥѼ܁ᅍѱݡ()ܹ͕()ݥٕɕѥٕЁ́)ѡ՝ٕ屔)ѥȁɕͥѥչѥ́́((0