Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 63

INDUSTRY FOCUS PAGE 61 workout area especially for your estate, and Play areas can adapt the product to suit all ages and One of the most often quoted reasons for meet any special needs. All you need to do is moving to a residential estate is to give children specify an area that is easily accessible for all a safe place to play. This is because most community members and has suitable shade. parents realise that children need a change from The units offer the opportunity to achieve a structured lessons, rigidly defined sports codes, well-balanced all-over body workout in five disciplined dance lessons, computer games and different categories of fitness, namely: TV. Children need to explore, to run, jump, skip and roll – to stretch their imaginations and Warm-up, cool-down and stretching - to expand their creativity. In short, to develop prevent injury while training. mentally and physically through active outdoor Balance, flexibility and function -to prevent play. To frolic. injury while performing day-to-day activities. Cardio- because heart health affects every Reintroducing the natural elements into our aspect of life. playgrounds by including wood, sand and water, Core strength - to improve balance, avoid back we make playgrounds that are, in effect, natural. injury and maintain organ health. Extensive plantings create a landscape that Upper and lower body strength - because, young minds can populate with dragons, pirates while it’s a bit old fashioned, it’s still valid. and fairies, and the playgrounds are designed to encourage active play and socialisation. Every Our range of high-quality outdoor exercise small hill, tiny stream or pond, tree or jungle equipment complies with most municipal park gym challenges children to step beyond their regulations. It is built to last, with premium comfort zones, learn new skills, improve their materials that are the most weather-resistant balance, and take “risks” – but in a perfectly and vandal-resistant in the industry. safe, hazard-free environment. Green Outdoor Gyms offer longer product We can also upgrade or convert existing play warranties than all our younger competitors. areas by replacing outdated installations with We were the first and we intend to be here new equipment made from natural products. the longest, with the highest number of outdoor We can landscape the area, creating hills and parks on the continent. Our company stays valleys, mini-forests and tiny lakes. We can abreast of international research and trends resurface existing playgrounds with safe, soft, in this field, and continuously improve and textured materials including sand, bark and widen our range through on going research grass, as well as artificial grass. and consulting experts in the health and fitness industy. ()Q!)ܹɕёɝ̹((0