Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 61

INDUSTRY FOCUS PAGE 59 The Alien and Invasive Species regulations published in terms of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act state: The seller of any immovable property must, prior to the conclusion of the relevant sale agreement, notify the purchaser of that property in writing of the presence of listed invasive species on that property. Source: This is of particular interest to ARC members, who need to be informed of the legislative requirements they have to comply with when property is sold. Homeowners’ associations must become more aware of the vegetation that is stonehurst mountain estate growing on their property and how it can be controlled. SALI supports ongoing training at higher Dez Whitehead education level in close conjunction with the University of South Africa, the Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and the Durban University of Technology. The annual SALI Awards of Excellence offer members the opportunity to be recognised nationally for excellent work. Entrants gain exposure on various media platforms, which gives our members and their clients the chance to showcase their green assets. This occasion could be used by residential estates as a marketing tool to highlight the quality of green spaces that estates offer. An important aspect of our industry that SALI supports is the control and eradication of invasive species. pezula private Estate