Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 56

Welcome to the truly converged estate Voice, Video and Data. Unleash the power of Triple Play technology with Smart Technology Centre (Pty) Ltd and FibreMAX Internet Services. “The experience has been fantastic. I’ve had no buffering on YouTube, my DSTV Catch-Up is instant, and I can even stream HD content without jitter. I run my entire business from home, and it enables my family and me to work and play simultaneously.” - Ebotse Home Owner Smart Technology Centre (Pty) Ltd is a Managed Services Provider. We build, operate and manage our own fibre networks using best in class technology. Our vision is simple, to deliver an unparalleled next-generation fibre network that is stable, and scalable and fast. Let us light up your estate with FibreMAX at zero cost to the Home Owners Association, or the development team. Let us show you how to connect, secure and communicate seamlessly with FibreMAX. FibreMAX is an uncapped, variably unshaped internet service designed to give you an instant, uninterrupted internet connection direct to your home. Spend less time buffering with our super-fast and efficient service that won’t let you down. Enjoy scalable, future-proof and more importantly symmetrical internet service that revolutionises how you live, work and play. FibreMAX features include: REAL Performance. REAL Reliability. REAL Broadband. SMART HOMES. • An uncapped and variably unshaped Internet service. • Low contention ratios to ensure a higher quality of service. • Flexibility to upgrade to a higher line speed in a matter of minutes. • Symmetrical upload and download speeds. • Low latencies for a better experience. So, it’s awesome to have super-fast internet, but how can I experience true convergence throughout my home and facilities on my estate? FibreMAX will connect your home to all the wonders of the internet, and we’ll even assist to deploy a simplified cloud-managed wireless network for unified access throughout your home. In collaboration with iHome we can plan and assess how you can benefit from a central, intelligent, automated nerve centre in your home, bringing everything in your home to one affordable smart system that is accessible from the convenience of your pocket, just like all other smart apps. From simple lighting to intelligent room control, there are no limits when it comes to automating your Smart home, be it new or retrofit. Connect, control and automate almost everything from your smartphone and enjoy a seamless, connected experience – now that is the future! FTTH 087 310 1751 | Creating homes with infinite potential