Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 54

INDUSTRY FOCUS PAGE 52 eagle canyon golf estate integrity, trust and sound business judgement. The FTTH Council may discipline members who Members agree, specifically, to co-operate for are in violation of its code, or terminate their the benefit of all, particularly when engaging membership. It investigates complaints against with other electronic communications network its members and acts appropriately at the end service licence holders (the telecommunications of the investigative process. providers) and with the local, provincial and national authorities. For developers and consumers, this means that companies that are members of the council Technical excellence and quality assurance are have committed themselves to delivering work particularly emphasised by the code, which of a high standard. holds that members should foster both, and ensure that work is carried out professionally The deployment of fibre optic cable is not a and competently. trivial task, and the provision of services over a fibre network likewise requires technical skill and The code of conduct further requires members to expertise. Fibre is an asset to a development respect others’ property and assets when carrying that will deliver returns and improve the quality out roadworks and to abide by best-practice of life of all who live there. A poorly deployed safety standards and health and safety practices. or badly provided service, on the other hand,