Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 53



Your FTTH initiative – A question of accountability
Fibre is big , and getting bigger . Fibre offers a faster , richer broadband experience compared to other broadband technologies and provides rapid , reliable access for people who need to stay connected – be it for work , play or study . High-speed data connections are very desirable , and communities with fibre installed are seeing increases in property prices and overall saleability as a result .
As operators roll out fibre optic cables across the country , many developers are getting into the game early and incorporating fibre into the construction phase in order to increase the saleability of their properties . Likewise , many existing developments are taking on fibre to improve their overall attractiveness .
Like any burgeoning market , the fibre boom comes with certain challenges . The Fibre to the Home ( FTTH ) Council Africa was formed in 2010 in recognition of the fact that , given the rapid growth expected in the industry , some sort of co-ordination was required to ensure that the industry could thrive and deliver the best possible quality of service to South African consumers .
FTTH Council Africa is an independent , not-forprofit organisation and an active member of the FTTH Council Global Alliance alongside the FTTH councils of Europe , Asia Pacific , North America , the Middle East and North Africa . Its activities are funded through member contributions .
The council ’ s charter commits it to educating African governments , policymakers and political leaders on why and how high-speed fibre connectivity can be delivered to citizens in the coming years . Through consultation with all major stakeholders and understanding their strategies and concerns , the council endeavours to be the voice of the industry and to help create a better future for all involved . In turn the council supports governments with issues such as policy and regulation , best practice and minimum standards through an independent voice .
Member engagement is encouraged at all levels and participants are kept informed of industry trends and success stories . FTTH Council Africa offers members an opportunity to network and collaborate and discuss best-practice frameworks that are in the best interests of all .
In addition , FTTH Council Africa members have signed a code of conduct and pledged that they will uphold the quality of their services , products and operations and pursue a reputation for honesty , fairness , respect , responsibility ,