Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 50

INDUSTRY FOCUS PAGE 48 work be undertaken by an electrical contractor and the electronics by a security electronics contractor. It is also a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act that all electrical work must be covered by a certificate of compliance. When the security design is optimised and Estates need to be secure in order to protect the specification expertly prepared, extended both individual human beings and the value of guarantees can be obtained. Correctly designed their investment. It is a sad reality that when and installed, a large portion of the infrastructure news breaks that there has been an incident on can have a lifetime of approximately 20 years. an estate, the perception is that the security is This helps keep the cost of security as low as bad. This results in a potential reduced demand possible. for properties in the estate and a consequent reduction in property values. Adequate and ongoing training and management of manpower are required to ensure that all This puts a big responsibility on the security systems are operated at the correct levels, to sector in the estate environment which, in many get the best returns for the investment. cases, is made more difficult when residents, visitors or contractors don’t play by the rules. There is a clear trend in the guarding industry Clearly this is where the estate management to provide specialist solutions for the residential has to play its part in keeping the peace and estates. The personnel involved need to have ensuring that the security personnel are not good communication skills, patience and an undermined. ability to act in a firm manner without being abusive. Quality management is necessary to There is also a realisation that security is not achieve this. just CCTV and access control. Power supplies, back-up power, transmission systems, surge The decision by ARC to hold a workshop on protection and so on all form part of the security further indicates the necessity for solution. This merging of products, technologies giving security a higher priority in the overall and skills places a further demand on the management of a residential estate. Clearly, designer and the integrator. the road is never-ending in the improvement of systems, design, implementation and operation It is unlikely, for instance, that a good CCTV for what is usually the largest cost on an estate. installer would also be able to size cable for power supplies. The solution is to ensure It is fundamentally important for all parties to that the overall security plan is understood become part of the solution, and that entails and then make sure that the design and greater awareness and knowledge of the industry. implementation are undertaken by individuals with the correct expertise. For this reason, we Rob Anderson would always recommend that the electrical