Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 47

INDUSTRY FOCUS PAGE 45 val de vie estate backed up by number plate scanners, they intruders – leaving your complex wide open. In record number plates, and, if possible, faces. a case like this it’s important to get them fixed One excellent system is to have a video camera promptly. Power failures can also be a problem, right above the access pad, so that motorists will so the gate should ideally have a long-life be photographed through the open car window backup battery as well as a lockable manual when they key in their code. Video can also be override. Tailgating is possible on an unstaffed linked to the intercom. All these systems can be automatic gate, but this problem can be dealt linked to cellphones rather than to the houses with if residents take ownership of the access so that a resident can grant access to a visitor process. Speed bumps help as well. even when not at home. So do we, or don’t we? Are automated gates cost-effective? The decision to install gates on a property While there is a cost associated with gates, they creates a love-hate relationship. Residents are significantly cheaper than having security love those gates, but they can be a pain guards staff the entrance 24/7, but one must for management to maintain. Gates can help also factor in the cost of intercom systems, increase occupancy, but may also wreak havoc remote buttons and other ancillaries such as with the maintenance budget. The net financial video cameras. effect might seem negative at first, but the What are the disadvantages? difference could well be made up in resident retention and a reduction in crime, police call- Gates can also be a barrier to emergency outs and property damage. Speak to us at services like the police, armed response or fire Secsyst Access, We like gates … You decide. service, so it It is extremely important to have a system that allows them quick access. Another David Adams disadvantage is that gates can be damaged by accident – or even on purpose by would-be