Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 45

Simple, scalable and suitable for any ESTATE Our tailor-made solution for residential estates brings together the latest technological advances in a simple, easy-to-use interface. • The seamless integration of automatic license plate recognition, biometric readers or CCTV for enhanced security. • A variety of hand-held devices for Features include: entry validation, such as scanning • Visitor and contractor preauthorisation of licenses, or acceptance of an using a smartphone, tablet or computer. estate’s terms and conditions. • The ability to link multiple items to a single property, for example, family All backed by a no-quibble three-year members, vehicles or domestic workers. guarantee and access to our 24-hour • Graphic dashboards that provide a technical support centre. snapshot of current contractors on site or pending visitors at the click of To find out more, or to request a a button. demo, email us on