Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 35

Public Policies PAGE 33 ARC supports a communication methodology 20. Government legislation in community associations that keeps all owners and residents informed ARC supports effective legislation, when it is on all issues, whether good or bad news. deemed necessary for consumer protection, 16. Communication in the association protection for ongoing operations, or other 17. Tenants in community associations necessary revisions of, or additions to existing ARC supports a balanced approach to the statutes or common law. Where this is done rights of tenants and landlords in community to ensure that community association housing associations, while protecting real property schemes are developed, managed and maintained rights. ARC supports reasonable regulation of consistently with legitimate public policy objectives transient occupancy, tenant compliance with and standards that protect individual consumers, association standards, and the integration of balancing the legitimate rights of the property tenants into the community on an equal basis owners and the development industry. while recognising that the contractual agreement is between the HOA and the owner. ARC supports local legislation which emerges from a balanced, well-considered assessment 18. Rights and responsibilities of directors, prescribed officers and homeowners of all issues and interests affecting community ARC supports a balance of the rights of avoids discriminatory regulations against an individual owners in a community association individual community and recognises both the with the need for effective management of the unique nature of association-managed residential affairs of the association for the benefit of all communities and the role of the HOAs. ARC owners. Reasonable association procedures opposes any local government legislation related which empower the board of directors and to duplication of rates and service contributions staff of the community association to perform by private communities that impose levies for their obligations efficiently must take into the purposes of maintaining infrastructure and account the rights of an individual owner to or delivering services. The ARC opposes any privacy, enjoyment of his or her home and full form of double taxation. associations within the greater local community, participation in the community association. 19. Transitioning of control from the developer to homeowners ARC recognises that successful transition is the responsibility of the developer, through open and timely communication, co-operation and disclosure, proper record-keeping, the establishment of adequate management structures, staff selection and training, and homeowner involvement in association governance. ARC opposes any claims by developers to retain unnecessary control and veto powers on issues not negatively impacting on the developer. Pearl Valley Golf & Country Estate