Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 34

Public Policies PAGE 32 DUNKIRK ESTATE community industry as a whole, while respecting rights of owners to choose an agent and the the right of individual communities to maintain rights of an agent to conduct business within the their own strategies. rules and regulations of the HOA but according 8. Dispute and conflict resolution to accepted industry norms. use of internal and neutral alternative dispute 12. Manager licensing and professional designations resolution mechanisms to resolve disputes arising ARC encourages the national certification of in community associations in appropriate cases. community association managers. ARC opposes ARC opposes any legislation enforcing dispute the licensing of community association managers resolution processes where an HOA has its own as real estate brokers, agents or property mechanism in place which complies with the managers. ARC recognises the need for and supports the industry policy. 9. Rule development and enforcement ARC supports legally sound, fair and equitable rule development and enforcement procedures in community associations. ARC opposes penalties 13. Aesthetics, architectural and building guidelines ARC opposes any and all attempts at national and local levels to enact laws or regulations that ignore or negate the economic importance that are excessive and punitive. of the implementation of aesthetic controls in 10. Protection of association volunteers and prescribed officers architectural and building restrictions. ARC supports protection against unwarranted legal liability for volunteers serving as members of a community association board of directors, prescribed officers or committee members, to enable them to make responsible judgements without fear of personal loss interfering wi