Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 33

Public Policies PAGE 31 ATLANTIC BEACH ESTATE 4. Risk management and insurance ARC supports the implementation and maintenance of an effective risk management programme by all member communities. ARC believes that an effective risk management programme can best be achieved if associations and their governing boards work with recognised community association professionals. ARC further believes that a comprehensive association insurance programme must focus on meeting a broad range of legal requirements while recognising that the governing board is the “trustee” of the owners in insurance matters. This programme (collectively risk management and insurance) requires that risks of loss be fully evaluated and that funding for such clearance certificates on all transfers of loss (whether by commercial insurance property, including forced sales. or self-insurance) be fully analysed. 5. Debt collection practices and clearance certificates 6. Homeowner’s access to information ARC supports all owner rights to ARC supports effective, fair and information, in accordance with the reasonable collection methods according Companies Act. ARC opposes any to properly established policies dealing instruction by any party to provide with arrear levies, special levies and them with a member database of any penalties, and opposes any government community, beyond a simple member limitations on the ability of HOAs register. to pursue such methods. ARC also accommodate owners experiencing 7. Relationships between associations and other entities temporary financial difficulties. ARC ARC supports an integrated approach opposes any claim that an HOA does to the branding, communications and not have a real right to issue levy marketing strategy for the residential supports reasonable procedures to