Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 28

RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY REVIEWS PAGE 26 saddlebrook estate Even though it’s so close to Sandton, and just down the N1 from Pretoria, Kyalami is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Gauteng. Green paddocks enclosed by neat white fences are home to peacefully grazing ponies, shiny show jumpers, lovely Lipizzaners, wonderful warmbloods, and even a rescue donkey or two. For Kyalami is horse country. And Saddlebrook Estate is its Secretariat. Founded in 1998, the estate is moving into its second life cycle. With all the stands sold, and 114 homes developed, the focus of the new board of trustees is on improving infrastructure. The modernisation of the unobtrusive access control system will enhance Saddlebrook’s security to make it one of the safest residential estates in the country. Upgrading the bridle paths, communal areas and jogging tracks will offer residents more space to play and explore, whether it’s on horseback or on their own two feet. The club house, too, is being revamped so homeowners can enjoy socialising in a vibrant contemporary space.