Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 24

RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY REVIEWS PAGE 22 oubaai golf resort & Spa The Garden Route is where everyone would But, hard as it is for some to understand, designed to be enfolded in the contours live if they could. The most stunning coastal there is more to life than golf. And that’s of the site, leaving space for flowers and scenery, forests, mountains, fynbos, pretty where Oubaai really shines. Once there, you other vegetation. And, as Oubaai is situated little towns with small farms, farm stalls, will probably never want to leave. You can within the Cape Floral Kingdom, the plants quaint coffee shops and a whole host of jog, walk or cycle the network of trails on and flowers are many, varied and beautiful. fun activities like mountain biking, hiking, the estate, stopping to enjoy the view of paragliding, kayaking and more. What’s springbuck and bushbuck who roam freely Today Kharafi Holdings manages the golf not to love? on the estate or gaze out over the ocean course, hotel and spa, and the residential and very likely spot some whales and even estate is under the auspices of the HOA. If you even remotely enjoy playing golf, you dolphins. The two whale decks that have will love the Garden Route, with nine golf been built by the homeowners’ association Willem Marx is both estate manager and a courses between Mossel Bay and George (HOA) are strategically placed to enjoy a trustee, one of the early investors in the alone. That’s nine courses, some among the late afternoon sundowner. The dynamic estate. He laughs: “We came for a holiday, top ten in the country, within jus  L0KYܛX][ۜ[Xܙ]ݙ\[‚[]\Y 'H[[x&\\[ۈ܈B[HݙH[x&[[[x&]HYY[XZH܈[X[\[˂\]H\]Y[[[H]H\[ۙHX][\XX[H[[H[\HXXZH\ܝ[K[YY]HYܚ][KHX\وXXZH\ܝ[H[H]X]YH\[ۈوBH\YH[Y\YۙY LM[Y]\][\\[ۈوH[\Y[‚[\[ۜ\\HYX[\\[[ۙXY\\[HKHYܙY[Yݙ\[B[X[X[[HZ[]\]BۜY\[]H\]HYX\\\‚][\]XH[[Z[[HXܛ[ B X\\[Y]\ۛH ̌\[\L MH\ۜY\YۙHوB[ L[YH[]]8&\H\H\[B[X]]Y[[H[K\x&\[‚[]YYXHو[ ]XKXKH ][ܙY[[H][‚]ZY]ܙY[\\[۝[\ܘ\B[H[\H[H[\[\[‚\[\Yۈ\H[\وHX[ YܙHXY[]۝HZ\^\˂H\H[\Y[X[[\B[HY][X‚