Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 23

Making sense of it all Whether you want a network installed to every home so you immediately get a fully functional network with integrated PBX and security system, or you prefer to have your network partner deploy only to those homes that require service, Frogfoot can assist. The important issues When choosing a fibre company to deploy and manage your network, consider: How much risk and cost are you expected to take on? Can you exercise control over the fibre network, without the headache of owning and maintaining it? Are you able integrate existing access control, security, PBX and WiFi solutions over the fibre network? Are you locked in to one provider, or is it an Open Access network with a large number of Service Providers available? Are they open to using innovative technologies to speed up deployment and reduce the risk of disruption to roads and services. Do they have solid financial backing and extensive fibre network experience? Are you able to set enforceable performance criteria? Services available from one of these Frogfoot affiliated ISPs Speak to us If you are faced with the challenge of deploying FTTH into your estate and either don’t know where to start, or would like Frogfoot to put forward an alternative proposal to the one that is lying on your desk, feel free to contact us. We can definitely assist you in defining your needs, and identifying the best commercial model and technology to meet your needs. Liana Clarke | | 021 448 7225