Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 21

RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY REVIEWS PAGE 19 In 1741, when Simon’s Bay (now Simon’s Town) And Steenberg Estate certainly has it all; a water treatment project on the estate. This was declared the official winter anchorage for fabulous hotel, a magnificent 18-hole golf revolutionary technology uses specific bacterial The Cape, Steenberg was a natural overnight course, award-winning restaurant and a formulations to enhance biological breakdown spot for the wagon drivers who travelled residential estate of 225 households. With of nutrients. “The first treatment was the between False Bay and the nascent city of many of the early investors still owning rehabilitation of the 18th dam where we are Cape Town over the Ou Kaapse Weg, so it property on the estate, there is a low sales eliminating the bottom sludge,” says Heiner enjoyed its first incarnation as a hotel. turnover, and the property prices reflect this Dominick, MD of BluePlanet. This, he explained, exclusivity. Playing the 18-hole course at has eliminated odour when irrigating, and The Russouws must have done well because Steenberg is on many a golfer’s bucket list, improved the water quality by optimising the Frederik’s son, Nicolaas, added the beautiful and at any given time there is a membership nitrification cycle, and so reducing suspended and ornate gable to the farmhouse – a sure waiting list. solids and dissolved nutrients. The system has sign that they were prospering. been widely used in agriculture, aquaculture The course is 20 years old, so Steenberg and environmental remediation, but Steenberg In 1842, the property was sold to close relative is embarking on a major greens resurfacing will be the first residential estate to install it. Johannes Adriaan Louw, whose descendants and bunker upgrade that will cost around kept the farm until 1990 when it was bought R 5 million. The new automated water-wise As well as the now much-improved golf course, by Johannesburg Consolidated Investments irrigation system will be enhanced by the Blue the estate features everything one [JHH][Y[]]\^K[][\[YYX][ۈܘ[[YH[YY[^X]\][ H\\\H[\Y[BXY܈Y][]XK[H\\\ܙY]]K[ً]H\X\]H[YBۙ\[H[H[Y]و][ۂH\\H[ۜ[XH]\]BXXHوZ[ []و]\[OH[[[\Z[HXۚ\HH\H]\Y[[ܞH]\ۈ[Y[\&\Y\\]\[ ]\[x&\ˈ[]8&\Xܘ]Y][X]HܚY[ZH[]][H[BY^K[\X\[]X[ۙ\]\^Z[^Y\ۈ\X]]Y[YXHو[ ]\[x&\\]\[˜Y[\X˞B