Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 12

CONTRIBUTORS BIOGRAPHIES PAGE 10 as the gold industry reaches the end of its water-energy-food nexus to the public domain. productive life. He has pioneered the concept He is past Vice President of the International of closure mining, which makes a business Water Resources Association and a past Deputy case for the rehabilitation of mining-impacted Governor of the World Water Council. He currently landscapes. He is working in various teams serves as editor of the international journal Water developing next-generation solutions to address Policy and sits on the editorial boards of various the supply constraints emerging in housing estates technical journals including Water International, and commercial property. An element of this Water Alternatives and the International Journal is providing a holistic water services capability of Water Governance, as well as the Springer using disruptive technology for both potable and Verlag textbook series on water resource waste water. management. He has recently been appointed to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers As a trustee of the Water Stewardship Council as a contributing member of the Water and of Southern Africa he encourages behavioural Energy Group Subcommittee on Innovative Water change through positive inducement. He is co- Conservation, Reuse and Recovery Technologies founder of the South African Water, Energy and for a term ending in June 2019. Food Forum, which introduced the notion of the Rob anderson Rob Anderson is a professional electrical design component of the Inanda Emergency Pump engineer with many years’ experience in Station for Umgeni Water. the consulting industry. After obtaining his Higher National Diploma in Heavy Rob left to start his own consulting practice Current Engineering he spent nine years in 1997. He obtained his Pr Eng (Professional with Murray and Roberts, a contractor Engineer) qualification in 2000. Rob has kept on major projects in the petroleum and up his association with the civil engineering paper industry. Here he gained very valuable profession, providing valuable electrical input experience before moving to the field of consulting to a variety of projects including pump station engineering in 1983. automation. In addition, he has served in the KwaZulu-Natal branch of the South African In 1987 Rob obtained his Pr Tech Eng (Professional Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE). Engineering Technologist) qualification. He spent time with CA du Toit and Partners, where one He has also developed his interest in applying of his particularly interesting projects was the good engineering principles – including design, refurbishment in 1985 of the Natal Playhouse. He installation and management – to the security went on to become head of the Durban electrical industry. This is an ongoing project of his and division at Keeve Steyn (now Hatch Goba). One of has presented many interesting opportunities, the highlights of his time there was the electrical one being the 2010 World Cup security and