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Where Will I Live? STUDIO No matter where you live on campus, you will have a multitude of social and learning opportunities. Personalize your experience and learn about UW housing and dining options. • Contains kitchenette and a private bath When you fill out your application you will be able to tell us what type of room, building and Living Learning Community you prefer to live in and your roommate preference if you have one, and we will do our best to assign you there. We can’t promise, though, that we will be able to. What we can promise is that you will have equal access to amenities, events and support no matter where you are assigned. APARTMENT-STYLE RESIDENCE HALLS What you may not realize yet is that your room will be only a small part of your life at the UW. Between classes, study, friends and activities, there are dozens of places you’ll be throughout your day. So even if you don’t get your first choice of room or roommate, your experience can still be rich and fulfilling—and you may find that your circles grow larger and more interesting because of it. Available Room Types DOUBLE • Shared by two people • Private apartment for one person • Charged at studio rate • Single or shared rooms within an apartment containing kitchen or kitchenette, living room and one or more private baths 12-MONTH APARTMENTS • Single rooms within an apartment containing a kitchen or kitchenette, living room and one or more private baths • Assigned on the 12-month agreement Winter Break Areas Most residence halls are closed during Winter Break, from noon on Saturday, December 17, 2016, through noon on Sunday, January 1, 2017. Unless you live in Haggett Hall, Lander Hall, Mercer Court or Stevens Court, you may not live in your room during Winter Break. However, you may leave your belongings in your room during the break. • Some are within shared apartments or clusters The only residence halls that remain open for residence during Winter Break are Haggett Hall, Lander Hall, Mercer Court and Stevens Court. • Charged at double rate based on location All residence halls are open during Spring Break. TRIPLE Requesting Winter Break Housing • Large double occupied by three people When you complete your residence hall housing application, you may request on-campus housing during Winter Break. Please Note: HFS cannot guarantee placement in a Winter Break hall. • Some have a private bath • Some have a private bath • Charged at triple rate SINGLE • Private room for one person • Some have a private bath • Some are within shared apartments or clusters • Charged at single rate based on location STANDARD • Room built for more than two people • Some have a private bath • Charged at standard rate based on location Our apartments operate on a 12-month agreement and allow residents to remain during all break periods and summer quarter. If you require year-round housing, consider applying for one of these areas. Gender-Neutral Rooms HFS strives to make on-campus housing a welcoming and safe space for all students. Gender-neutral housing is an option in which two or more students share a room, apartment or cluster regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, identity or expression. It is a program that broadens students’ choices and helps ensure living arrangements that are welcoming and inclusive for all members of our community. 6 Discover Your Place at the University of Washington | Residential Application Guide