Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 8

SURVEY AIM The main objectives of this ER Survey are to:    Examine the underlying reasons people seek ER Explore the contributing factors to people in the City of Whittlesea not being able to meet their basic needs Provide a comparative piece of research that explores how these factors change over time Overall, the results and survey are utilised to facilitate improved service delivery and program development for WCC. Furthermore, the report will aid in advocating to local, state and federal levels of government around future social policy issues, the evolving challenges and issues of the community, and further resource needs for the local for ER sector. SURVEY DESIGN Introductio n This survey was conducted to understand community need in the context of financial hardship and vulnerability. It is the fourth in a series of reports that explore changes in demand for ER and looks at the broader impacts of particular issues facing our community. The survey has been repeated every 4 years since 2002, with minimal changes to survey questions to allow a comparative analysis of the changing needs for community members accessing ER in Whittlesea. More specifically, the survey questions are designed to assess the impact of the following issues: housing affordability and accessibility, interruptions to Centrelink payments, drug and alcohol use, problem gambling, and family violence. Specific questions are included in the survey from time to time to explore current issues that may potentially impact on people accessing our services (for example, 2010 featured questions around the Global Financial Crisis). In 2014 new questions were introduced to explore whether clients had access to what would be considered by many the essentials of every day life and asked to indicate whether they had the item, couldn’t afford it, or didn’t want it. These questions included topics such as access to dental healthcare, savings for an emergen