Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 55

to survive. This DOES lead to issues such as mental health deterioration, physical health deterioration, increase in crime, family violence, suicide attempts and the use and abuse of drugs to cope. I’m sure if the governments added up the costs of the above results, then itd be much cheaper economically to provide a healthy financial dose of ER...rather than cutting it back. How many millions/billions are spent on areas that really do not require the amount of funding they olympic games, grand prix, then things such as firework displays or ridiculous grants for ridiculous art pieces, increases in wage for politicians that far outweigh those that struggle to maintain a job or get a job due to legitimate circumstances. To cut ER is to seriously jeopardize the economical physical and mental health of our nation. Very good service. Very good! I am very happy with the help that I receive here. Very good, if this services was not here, a lot of people would be starving. Very good. If they could help out with paying out the bills will be great. the Community centre is very supportive. Very happy and very efficient. Thank you. VERY IMPORTANT SERVICE TO HELP IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Very much needed and they really do help. very very very good, and the service really help. Want information on free activities for children. WCC has always helped. WCC IS VERY SUPPORTIVE. GREAT HELP AND SERVICE. VERY FRIENDLY. THE FOUR MONTHS WAITING PERIOD IS WAY TO LONG, ESPECIALLY FOR NEW ZEALAND CITIZENS. we need all the support in the community When I have deal with WCC they have been very friendly and helpful and always pleasant to deal with. I'm appreciative that you have helped me today and in the past. Survey should be done more frequent cause things change so quick. Whittlesea community connections is a really great place they offer help and assistance to people who are financial hardship Whittlesea has a large unemployment rate and there is a need to access such services. So the more funding will help those in crisis and hardship. WITHOUT ER LIFE WOULD BE HARD GREAT SERVICE without this assistance my family would have to go hungry for a fortnight without this program I don’t know what i would have done in my situation today its done exactly what i needed to keep me going. Would highly appreciate to continue Emergency Relief program. As a single mum without any family in the country these type of organization provides us support when we're in trouble I.e Recently of lost job and income. Would like to attend free english classes as don't have money to pay and unable to work. S`