Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 54

Quite difficult to get appointments and when can't get appointment left with mothing. No fault of the agency. Really helps us, really helpful. Services pretty good. As a country we are luckier than others. Should be a service for newly arrived people seeking social supports; like support groups. Should keep going and needs more funding for this program. Also good to know that I can get help here. Some services quite judgmental, could listen a bit more. Struggle to get through on the phone. Cost too much on mobile for 10 minutes. Get good help at WCC & the Salvos. Surprised that it is still run. Job well done!! Money is not enough. More funds. Expenses. Take seriously requests by these wonderful organisations who to are struggling with too many people in need. Thank you for all your help Thank you for being helpful. Needing more support for students as they hold the future of community in their hands. Helps and support students financially or in any other way. Thank you. Services have been really good. Thanks for all your good support, Im using transport services and emergency relief and I was wondering if they can help more about financial. That’s all and again thanks for everyone who helping in the whittlesea. Will Einestine says one tree can make about million matches but one match can burn all the jungle by itself so lets be that tree not the match. The $80 will get me petrol and some food. More would be good. The money is good and the service is friendly. I think it's better if the government gave a bit more money to senior people. Due to the limited amount of money that I have I need to come here for help. The service is very helpful for me and my family and to buy brother materials for school. The services have been helpful and you need it. Difficult to wait for 4 months due to living situation. Their awesome they always help me and my family out when we need it. Always there when we need it. Their great! These services are very helpful for us. Helps us pay for bills and expenses that we cannot afford. They are very good. I was in reservoir and there was hardly any. There is a few around here. they have helped me thanks to the help that i got from them. They help when your struggling. More help moneywise. This is a good service. THIS IS AN AMAZING SERVICE. EVERYONE IS SUPPORTIVE AND PROVIDING CONTACTS FOR HELPING MOTHER. THIS PLACE IS WONDERFUL PLACE. KNOWS A LOT OF PEOPLE RELY ON THIS PLACE FOR HELP. I WOULD NOT BE EATING DINNER TONIGHT IF I DIDN'T GET HELP AT WHITTLESEA COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS. To cut funding for emergency relief, is to put a lot of people into a position where they will find, or at least feel that its impossible 55