Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 53

Its good help. IT'S GOOD, BUT IT'S A LOST THAT IT'S NOT ENOUGH SERVICES LIKE THIS OUT IN THE COMMUNITY. IT'S GREAT THAT THIS AGENCY CAN HELPOUT. It's good, helps me to go to the shops and buy food. It's great to be able to get help in time of need. it's is good and lot of people get help here. If this service was not available lot of people would struggle to get food. It's really good service. If I didn't have the help today, I would not be able to buy medicine for my hubby. It's very good thank you. Just very thankful for services LIFE IS VERY HARD FOR NOT ONLY MYSELF. I HAVE BEEN VERY GRATEFUL FOR THIS ER SERVICE. ON THE DOWNSIDE THERE ARE PEOPLE IN A WORST PLACE, IF POSSIBLE A LITTLE MORE HELP WOULD BE GREAT. EVERYONE HERE AT WHITTLESEA COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS HAVE BEEN FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL. A LITTLE APPRECIATE FOR THIS SORT OF ORGANISATION WOULD BE GREAT. I AM HAPPY WITH THIS SURVEY AND AM HOPING THIS WOULD HELP IN LOBBYING FOR MORE FUNDS AND GIVING THE COMMUNITY A VOICE. MORE FUNDING FOR HOUSING AND CHEAPER HOUSING OPTIONS. More money to support in a crisis.$70 for ER is not enough for food and petrol. Its not enough. More state funding would help. Staff do a wonderful job and don't get paid or paid enough. Myki card is a problem for my children. Need a better phone system. Needing larger amount and shorter turn around time for assistance. They show me where else I can go for help. Needs to be more financial support. More resources needed. Appreciate WCC services. no except that they do a good job helping a lot of family's and people in need Not enough ER services in the area. Not enough services in the area. The ones wi