Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 52

I think Whittlesea Community Connections is a very good organisation. I like that they treat refugees well; am impressed by that. I WANT TO SAY THAT EVERYDAY EVERYTHING IS GOING UP AND UP, THE GAS AND ELECTRICITY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY. NOT ENOUGH MONEY. I HAVE HEALTH ISSUES THAT MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY FOR EVERYDAY LIVING. SOMETIMES I NEED TO PAY FOR MEDICINES AND I GET IT BECAUSE I CAN'T AFFORD IT I want to tell you that this sort of assistance is really important and helpful for our survival in this community. The service here at WCC is very organised and helpful. I would like to say this is the first time I have ever been given support for myself or my family and I believe Whittlesea community support has not only helped me in a time of need but has left me with my pride and for that I will always be very thankful. I hope all support Whittlesea community Connections receives all the funding required to help support many more family's like my own. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE ORGANISATION THAT HELP US. WE CAN'T WORK AND STUDY , HENCE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE WITH TWO CHILDREN I wouldn't be able to financially survive without ER support If possible it would be good to have ER services doubled or tripled as there are lots in need and its hard to get help. Maybe 15 calls and 15 to 20 walk ins during normal business hours throughout the week. This will give more suitable access to the community for ER especially for single mothers with children and no phone. If the help can be more or the time can be shorter, without this it is hard. If we could go to school study english but also get access to books. If they could listen to the individual more instead of judging a book by it's cover. If this ER service was not here. I think that it will be very hard . If we could work on this visa, I would not be needing this assistance. Increase to appointments available. It helps but its hard to get an appointment. It has taken me an hour to get this appointment. I wish that there was a way to change this and make it easier. The appointments were every three months, not it's longer and harder. It helps me a lot when I do not have money. It is very hard to get an appointment. I would like that to change. The funds that I receive helps me pay for fuel etc It is a good services. I would appreciate it if the assistance was high or had food. it is a really good service we need more around It is good but it's a drop of rain in the ocean. I need more assistance to live. It is very important that I get this help as I can help with their schooling and getting them to school. It is vitally important that we have this service available to people disadvantaged and in need. I think that it is fantastic the availability of ER services in the area and that I cannot identify any shortfalls. It was very helpful for me. IT'S A BIG HELP AND SUPPORT it's a great service to available, when you know that if need be you can ask for assistance. The fact that we get help in the form on cash, which gives me choice and empowers me. It's been great today cause I really really needed it. 53