Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 51

I appreciate getting a little bit but due to meeting demand in society amount might need to be higher and maybe less than once every 4 months. More appropriate foods from food services, have had food out of date and children have gotten sick. I APPRECIATE THEIR HELP IT'S NOT A LARGE AMOUNT OF FUNDS, HOWEVER IT IS HELPFUL I believe this is a great service that helps me in time of need. I believe that the government should provide more funding to aid the community better. As now the appointments are too far apart. We have the right to vote. We should have the right to have a say in having gambling venues in our area. I have seen lots of issues and family being affect due to gambling. There should be more services around. The ER that is needed is mainly due to the effects of problem gambling. These problems did not exist before gambling venues. I am still affected by gambling. I believe they are very helpful and if we didn’t have them ,half of us single mothers just would not survive. And yes be very sad. specially when we have the staff there that are so helpful and understanding as well.I myself got though on the phone early this morning and so happy it was easy getting though as well that makes it so much easy and app available as well that was the most less stress thing ever not hanging on the phone. WELL DONE SHOULD BE THAT WAY ALL THE TIME. Even if it is after 9.00am well done. many thanks, I DO NOT LIKE THE MANNERS THAT THE RECEPTIONIST HAVE HERE. THEY TELL YOU THAT IT'S NOT YOUR TURN AND I FELT LIKE THEY WERE TELLING ME TO GO AWAY. THIS IS A COMMUNITY CENTRE, IF YOU AREN'T HERE TO HELP, THEN I WOULD COME. NO ONE WILL COME TO ASK FOR MONEY IF THEY DO NOT NEED IT. THIS FEELS REALLY DISRESPECTING AND UNHELPFUL. MAKES ME FEEL DEMEANING. I find that the help here is useful to me. Friendly staff. I HAVEN'T BEEN HERE BEFORE. THE HELP OFFERED AT ER IS NOT ENOUGH AND THE FOUR MONTH WAITING PERIOD IS TOO LONG I like it when I have come in and I am not looked down upon and made to ask for help. That makes me feel comfortable. Also helped link in with other services if needed. I liked the service, I did not know about it. It helped me get food for my children. I have too many bills. Good help to be able to get cash and use it as needed instead of being told what to do. I need help, I don't have an income. Daughter needs to find work I STRONGLY RECOMMEND FOR THIS SERVICE IN THE GREATER COMMUNITY OF WHITTLESEA AS I FEEL IT IS OVERLOOKED ON HOW BENEFICIAL IT REALLY IS. I think it is a good service, people need help. I think it is great service to help people in need. This is the best way to help people. Sometimes I need help and it's good to know that I can come here. The point of improvement would be around appointments for Emergency Relief. It is very hard to get an appointment. I also think $70 in four months its not enough. I think it's a good service and helps me a lot. The people are friendly and nice. I can rely on this service if I am need of help. I think the help I get from WCC is great it helps me