Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 50

Frustrating to get through on phones. GOOD SERVICE AND I AM HAPPY. ESPECAILLY FOR PEOPLE SEEKING ASYLUM. Good service, but having it once every four months makes it very hard. Good service. At times when I do not have enough money to live, $70 does not sound like much but its a big help. Good. It's helps me to buy items for my children that I can't afford. GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO HELP MORE, MORE FUNDS NEEDS SUPPORT TO GET INTO HOUSE AND BUYING PROPERTY THE DEPRESSION DUE TO POSITION IN LIFE Great idea and helpful and a relief from pressures. GREAT SERVICE AND APPRECIATE ER NEEDS TO BE AROUND 2 MONTH, 4 MONTHS IS TOO LONG HAD TO WAIT A YEAR TO GET HELP. THE ER PROCESS TAKES TOO LONG AND IS VERY HARD TO GET AN APPOINTMENT IF YOU GET THROUGH, THERE IS A 30 MINUTE HOLD TIME, WHICH IS VERY EXPENSIVE TO CALL FROM A MOBILE PHONE IF AN UPDATE COMPUTER WAS AVAILABLE FOR APPOINTMENTS Happy how comfortable I feel in coming and asking for help. Grateful for welcoming services. Treated better than I have in the past with o F