Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 49

Appendix B Participant feedback Comments/suggestions about emergency relief services in the Whittlesea area (unedited) *Survey participants were asked if they had any further comments about ER services being delivered in the COW and below is a list of unedited comments. Some comments have been blacked out to protect the respondent or other parties identity. I am happy with the service but to get an appointment is very hard and I would like to see a higher amount of help $80 isn't really enough sometimes. *for pensioners who are renting it's very hard *great help *also used north east housing and women's housing, through WCC *need for more housing options. Can't afford to work and keep housing *needs to have cheaper housing options *WCC & Salvos are a great help A service available in the actual whittlesea suburb. Nothing available up there except for the church program, that's if you only in need of actual food. ALWAYS FEEL WELCOME. BUT 4 MONTHS BETWEEN VISITS IS A LONG TIME Always good. Anyone I have contacted in the past have been very helpful. Services have referred onto other services that can help if they are unable too. Closer by, most services close to the city. Costs of petrol/transports makes it hard to access. Good job everyone is doing 'Job well done'. COST OF LIVING IS TOO EXPENSIVE. WISH ER WAS A LITTLE ACCESSIBILITY EG EVERY 4 MONTHS FOR WCC EG 3X A YEAR WITH SALVOS cost to housing food utilities too expensive Couldn't survive without it. How wonderfully caring and supportive they are. ER to be available more often. Did not know about this service in this area. Do a wonderful job. Believe WCC deserves more funding as the service offered saves peoples lives. Whether addicted to drugs or gambling this service can keep someone going. Specifically needed in this area. Each time accessed been fantastic. ER services a great help. If I need help their always there for me. Needs more funding; as have to wait 4 months and sometimes need help one or every two weeks. EVERYTHING IS GOOD AND THANK YOU. WHEN I NEED HELP I ALWAYS COME HERE. FIRST TIME, HARD TO GET AN APPOINTMENT, CALLED 60 TIMES JUST ON MONDAY STAFF ARE VERY FRIENDLY $80 EVERY FOUR MONTHS IS NOT ENOUGH i CAN'T WORK ON A BRIDGING VISA Firstly, the contact for appointment is impossible. If you get through, the appointments are very far away and also am on hold for ages. By this time it's too late for the assistance. Food to be within the use by date. Received out of date food/expired. Some services don't allow you to choose your food- better if you could choose. Be careful of people that use the system. 50