Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 42

Figure 12: Households with Drug Abuse Problems (2006 - 2014) 70% 2014 60% 2010 50% 2006 40% 30% 20% 10% Other Legally prescribed medication (e.g. sleeping tablts, valium) used in frequency or ways… Cocaine Inhalants (glue, petrol etc.) Heroin Ecstasy, LSD, other recreational drugs Meta-amphetamines (Ice, Speed) Alcohol Cannabis (Marijuana) 0% Of those survey respondents who reported having someone in their household who had regularly used drugs in the previous 12 months, the majority indicated this affected their capacity to meet their basic household needs. Twenty percent (n=5) were frequently unable to meet basic needs and 48% (n=12) were sometimes unable to meet basic needs. Combined, these two groups of households constituted 6.6% of all households surveyed in 2014. These results are largely consistent with previous survey findings. 43