Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 40

    75% indicated they played pokies at a local gambling venue; 45% bet at a TAB outlet; 15% of survey respondents went to Crown Casino (pokies or table games); and 15% of survey respondents gambled via online pokies and or/casinos. Of those who indicated a household member had gambled, 75% said that the gambling affected their capacity to meet basic household needs; 40% were sometimes unable to meet basic needs and 35% were frequently unable to meet household needs. Table 29: Gambling Problems Affecting Capacity to Meet Basic Needs No. Proportion of Survey Respondents to this Question Proportion of All Survey Respondents Always able to meet basic needs 5 25% 1.9% Sometimes unable to meet basic needs 8 40% 3.1% Frequently unable to meet basic needs 7 35% 2.7% Total 20 100% 7.8% Of those survey respondents that indicated they had a household member who had gambled in the last 12 months, 75% had accessed specialist services in the last 12 months. The most common type of assistance accessed was counselling/case management and legal assistance (40% respectively). Forty percent of these respondents also had a household member that was affected by family violence in the last 12 months. Table 30: Households with Gambling Problems who Accessed Specialist Services in the last 12 months Type of Assistance No. Proportion of Survey Respondents Counselling/Case Management 6 40% Legal 6 40% Medical Advice/Assistance 1 6.6% Mental illness 1 6.6% Utility Relief Grant 1 6.6% Total 15 100% Drug Abuse Consistent with previous ER surveys, participants were asked whether they knew of any household members using substances/drugs. However, some changes were made to the response options to enable greater differentiation between the types of drugs being used (refer to Table 31). Participants could select more than one drug type so percentages will not sum to 100%. 41