Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 33

Home contents insurance 15.8% 78.3% 85.4% 8.6% A week's holiday away from home each year 4.7% 91.3% 96.1% 0.9% Up to $500 in savings for an emergency 4.7% 92.1% 92.7% 0% For those survey respondents who had children, they were asked an additional question to indicate to what extent they were able to provide their children with access to particular activities. Just under half of the survey respondents with children indicated they could not provide access for their child/ren to a hobby or leisure (out of school activity) (42.3%). The main reason was because they could not afford it (93.7%). Over a quarter of respondents also indicated their children did not have: yearly dental check-ups (30.2%), up to date schoolbooks and school clothes (28.2%), could not participate in school activities and outings (27.5%) and could not provide a separate bedroom for each child over the age of 10 (26.2%). In particular, single parents with children were most likely to report not being able to provide their child/ren with access to these activities/items. Table 22: Access to activities for children Proportion of survey respondents Yes No Can’t afford it Don’t want it A separate bed for each child 77.2% 18.1% 88.9% 0% Yearly dental check-up for children 65.1% 30.2% 77.8% 4.4% Up to date schoolbooks and new school clothes 55.0% 28.2% 95.2% 2.4% Children can participate in school activities and outings 55.0% 27.5% 95.1% 7.3% A separate bedroom for each child over 10 53.0% 26.2% 84.6% 0% A hobby or leisure (out of school) activity for children 42.3% 42.3% 93.7% 3.2% 34