Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 9

1.3 of the program model. A staff focus group with team leaders, case management and other support staff at WCC was also undertaken to provide a detailed discussion on the implementation of the project, the key needs identified through service contact and also suggestions for further model development. The qualitative data were supplemented with service activity information collected by the service and client case studies provided by the support team. A brief review and synthesis of the existing evidence based literature on microfinance and private rental support programs was also undertaken. Structure of the report Following from this introduction the report will review the emerging evidence base of microfinance as a low risk alternative to pay day lending and its application within the broader package of private rental assistance. Next the key concerns impacting upon private rental access within the City of Whittlesea will be outlined. The focus in sections 4 through to 6 then moves to documenting the program model in practice and the findings on its strengths, lessons learned and the service impact at the time of the evaluation. The report concludes with a discussion of the directions and recommendations for the future development of the program model. 2