Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 43

different languages. The modules should result in a certificate upon completion that forms part of a rental reference. Recommendation 4: Cost an administration or ‘loan manager’ component into the funding model when seeking additional funds. The loan manager, as part of a joint assessment process, would have responsibility for following up defaults and ensuring that clients are managing the repayments without undue hardship. 7.4 7.5 Strengthening collaborative relationships with real estate agents Having dedicated people in the real estate agency who are prepared to collaborate with services makes a difference for low income households. WCC have made significant gains in their work with real estate agents, particularly in how best to help tenants to prepare and present themselves. Further service development needs to occur on how to present the tenant beyond the provision of written references. Despite goodwill on both sides, differences in respective interests can impede effective collaboration and there was a view across all consulted, including clients, that the links between real estate agents and services providing housing assistance need to be further strengthened. As well as helping to facilitate access, better links with real estate agents could help to raise issues with rental arrears or other difficulties as they arise. Real Estate agents could provide a first port of call where they alert tenants to the potential support that could be available to them. Client capacity building beyond the loan The program model recognises the need for brokerage to be matched with additional skills building support. Howe ٕȰ