Research Reports and Evaluations - Page 37

6.2 Longer-term housing stability strongly disagree and 10 equals strongly agree. As shown, clients generally agreed strongly that their rental housing is more stable than when they first contacted the service and that they were better able to cope with other pressures in their live because of this stability. However, they felt that the program had limited impact on whether they can pay their rent on time, can afford a rental property or are living in an area that they want to live in. Clients were asked to comment on the impact of the program on their longer-term housing stability and whether it has helped them to cope better with other pressures in their lives. Table 5 shows the median scores from a series of statements where clients were asked to rate the impact of the service on a scale of 0 to 10 where zero equals Table 5. Satisfaction with stability and coping with other life pressures Because of the program…… Median score My rental housing is more stable than it was when I first contacted the service I am better able to cope with other pressures in my life I can pay my rent on time I can now afford a rental property I am living in an area that I want to live in The open ended responses from clients provide further insight into the difference the program has made for their own lives and their families. Clients spoke of the benefits of what flowed on from having more stable housing, including helping them to build a new sense of place allowing them to ‘get on with their lives’ and overcome feelings of isolation. For new arrivals the program was reported to provide the opportunity to build their lives in a new country with a greater sense of security. 9.5 8.5 2 5 5 how the program has allowed them to find a sense of peace and start to build a home. Others reported that being able to choose their housing in an area that they wanted to live in meant that they could remain close to their existing supports. At the start the stress was very high because we couldn’t get enough money to pay the upfront amount. I still have the stress and day to day pressures of living on a low income but it is not as bad because of the stability in the housing. I’m still in the same house and it is the best house that I have had for a very long time. After spending many years homeless and bouncing around I feel at peace here – this is where I would like to stay and make a home. I try my best to make sure everything is up to date [Client interview]. The program is very important to me because I struggle with my English it m